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The Rockin' N Ranch

4300 Herrick Road
Beggs, Oklahoma 74421
Phone: 918-267-4256

The Crew of The Rockin' N

Ted noland

Ted works on natural horsemanship principles in training all the horses at the Rockin' N.  In addition to training and riding several horses every day, he is a full-time time dad to Phillip and Ian, participating in their school programs and encouraging them to become responsible young men.  He is a farrier who practices natural hoof care, using a balance of barefoot, shoeing where needed, and keeping the best interest of the horse in mind at all times.  He offers seminars and private lessons on several topics of horse care, ownership and riding. And of all that wasn't enough, he is also a talented artist, a musician with a part time music ministry and the Sermon from the Mount Evangelism Ministry.

Karen Noland

Karen is a computer  trainer and software consultant by day.  She enjoys riding as much as possible, helping to care for and train the foals each year, and of course being a mom to her boys is the greatest responsibility in her life.  She is the Financial Secretary and Treasurer for their church, Crossroads Baptist, and spends any free time she manages to find writing historical inspirational novels.  Her first novel, Providence, was published in October of 2001.  Her newest work, Beyond the Comanche Sun,  is currently in progress.

Phillip noland

Phillip is seventeen, a home schooled senior, a classic car fan and a great mechanic.  He is also a skilled drummer and musician and plays for the praise band at Crossroads Baptist Church, Beggs.

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Ian Noland

Ian is also home schooled and has just completed his seventh grade studies. He is an avid hunter, maintains his own guns and knives and is learning gunsmithing.  He also enjoys riding his horse, Lena and raising "turkens."

Ian's Photo Album