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The Rockin' N Ranch

4300 Herrick Road
Beggs, Oklahoma 74421
Phone: 918-267-4256


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What Our Visitors Have to Say


Name: mrs Alice Verpoort
Date: 28 Nov 2007


Beautifull horses and beautifull people and oh,the two little boys in their black boys suits white shirts jackets and ties and hat,will be a good exemple for all young boys, how to dress !

Name: AA Equestrian
Date: 16 Oct 2007


I was captured by your training sessions with Amigo. I stayed up until 2 am just reading all your posts. Good job and thank you for all the great work you did with Amigo. Ive trained a few mustangs also and while it is challenging, its also very rewarding and there is nothing to compare to that bond and trust that you can have with a mustang. God Bless you and your family. Amy Allen Wa. State

Name: sandy
Date: 08 Oct 2007


I really enjoyed watching and reading about your experience with Amigo. I found your site as I was searching the internet about mustangs. I was really disapointed that I found the site immediately after the Mustang Makeover. I was searching through the trainers involved and saw "Big Un'" and loved him at first sight, and loved him more and more as I, RESPECTFULLY, watched Ted work with him and read the commentary from Karen. I am a proud adopter of a mustang, who I dearly love and Amigo reminded me so much of my Gus. What a personality! Gus is my first experience with training, and I was growing frustrated with my inexperience to train him to accept the bit (HE does not like the bit), and I have had the best luck with reining while in a bosal or rope halter. I am a little less frustrated now- "If it ain't broke...". Watching and reading about your family and Amigo was wonderful! Thankyou so much for the experience. My husband and boys are seriously considering moving back to Oklahoma and will hopefully look you up when we do! Gus and I could both benefit from meeting you in person! Thankyou again- I really enjoyed sharing the experience with you through your updates! ( I hope the person who took Amigo home knows what a great job you did and how great a horse he took home!!!) Sincerely- Sandy

Name: Tina C
Date: 06 Sep 2007


Hi! My friend I came over with the Meekers that one day and watched you work with Big'un. [The "english" girls.] I was truly impressed and amazed. Both of us were! Your patience and understanding is really inspiring. I also finally got around to looking up your website. I love it! Keep up the amazing work and God Bless!

Name: Mustang Blue
Date: 25 Jul 2007


I'm so glad you replied in the Western Horseman forum about the EMM and told us about your wonderful adventure! Amigo is truley a big and beautiful (and smart) mustang! (but then, I've never known a mustang that wasn't (wink) Would love to have you join my yahoogroup and keep us all updated on the progress! (as well as maybe help mentor new adopters, share your experiences and knowledge?) I'm the list owner and you would be guarenteed membership aproval :) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Wy_Mustangs come meet a few of your fellow chosen trainers! And good luck to you! Lona in WY

Name: Debbie McDaniel
Date: 20 Jul 2007


Hey Ted & Karen, Church is great. Glad Ted is starting to feel like his old self. Hope he is gettin to work on big un now that it's dried up & he's better. But you still better not over do it Ted ! Were praying for you. Debbie McDaniel & Sandra Larocco

Name: Katie
Date: 08 Jul 2007


Hey, i like your page and what you are doing for the horses. I got this link from www.kotv.com.

Name: Lesley T
Date: 06 Jul 2007


Hi Guys I was happy to see my old friend, Dukes Diablo, i had the pleasure of breaking him in,starting him on a cow and then helping my dad train him, he was an extremely good pupil, lots of feel, cowy and would have made a great cow horse over is australia. We also rode volt a blue and many other Diablos, i worked for the Burst Ranch at Beggs in the early 80's, Marandy Case was one of the ranch mares and lovely old gal, Another of your mares goes back to Buster Harrietts great little mare Harriotts Poco, i also rode a number of her progeny- all great ponies. Nice place you have there, i have enjoyed the visit to your site, and really glad to see Duke again its been a long time.

Name: Sheila ~Kat~
Date: 27 Jun 2007


Really enjoyed your site. Loved all pictures of your horses, and especially your family. I hope we get to see your husband on TV. http:giddyupgo.info

Name: Cindi (Giddy)
Date: 27 Jun 2007


Hey, great site and love the foals. Good luck to your husband. http:giddyupgo.info

Name: Martin & Kellie
Date: 13 Jun 2007


Saw the piece on TV. Karen, you looked great on camera! The Horse Whisperer looked pretty good, too. Let's pray that God and Ted stay on the same wavelength throughout this training session -- keeping him safe.

Name: Liza B.
Date: 31 Jan 2007


Hello, Nolands! I want to say how much we appreciate you, all of you. Ted takes care of my 4 horses....4 adopted mustangs and a broodmare soon to be great saddle horse for me. We, my husband Phil, and I want the world to know what a talented horse whisperer is quietly living there in Beggs, Ok. And what a wonderful family the Nolands are, Ted, Karen and the boys, who have made the Rockin'N possible. When my latest adopted wild horse was outgrowing his halter and would not let me take it off, wow, you should have seen Ted. I'd say in an hour or less he was posing for pictures with my little colt with the halter taken off! Ted was as gentle with the colt and patient as I could have ever wished. I won't have any heavy handedness with my horses, but I don't have to worry....Ted doesn't need a heavy hand to communicate with horses. Noland family....you have touched our hearts. This past summer, my friend, Beth, and I had so much fun helping buck hay at the Rockin' N; watching Ian drive and Phillip giving him instructions; watching Karen smile at their boys in the late afternoon light . I got into work this morning and I noticed a little quote I keep by my phone. It's an excerpt from a Robert Frost poem...."Two paths diverged in a wood , and I - I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." That is what the Nolands did when they settled in Beggs to raise horses and their boys. They took a path less travelled moving back to a small town, and from there, they have provided us, their clients and friends, with gentle care for our beloved horses. Your clients, friends and admirers, Phil and Liza B. and the "herd".

Name: Rick Patrick
Date: 28 Dec 2006


Karen and Ted, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your homepage and each site. Thanks for the tour. Ted, keep praising His name -

Name: Pat Kirkland
Date: 04 Aug 2006


Karen & Ted, It is so great to see your site it is awesome. I knew you would all do well in the horse industry and it is great to see the boys growing up. God Bless both of you as I haven't seen you for so long that it is great to see you all on this site.

Name: Norm Rourke
Date: 01 Jul 2006


Beautiful site! Very well done, nicely presented. Would be among the top sites I've ever seen. Quality work not only on site but with horses & Karen's writing. Thanks for making it available. Norm www.normrourke.com

Name: "Tennessee Dave" Parmenter
Date: 25 Mar 2006


Hi, Karen! Nice site you have here. It sounds like horses are such a great part of your life! No wonder you enjoy Louis L'Amour's books as much as the rest of us do! TD

Name: Dedra Tiger
Date: 07 Nov 2005


What a wonderful site and great visit! After viewing your videos, the "No Horses Allowed" gave me a big laugh. In coming years, you may wish that you hadn't shown this horse how to climb stairs, as he seems like a real smart fella! <G>

Name: Brittany Probst
Date: 26 Oct 2005


Wonderful site, beautiful horses and family, you all are really blessed :)