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Extreme Mustang Makeover 7/30/07

We are finally able to start putting up hay. The rains have left, the hot, humid weather that we are more accustomed to has arrived at last! Much of last week was spent in cutting, raking, baling and stacking hay. Amigo got a few days off, but he did get to come out and play Friday evening and again on Saturday.  On Friday, Amigo had the opportunity to come out and visit with some of the folks who came to help stack hay. One of the hay trailers was still hooked to the truck in the yard, so of course Ted and Amigo had to investigate. Ted stepped up on the back of the trailer and Amigo followed right on up as if he'd done it every day of his life! The video is linked below... unfortunately I didn't have the camera with me right then, (Hey! I was hot and sweaty from the hay!) so he had to re-create it the following evening.

Saturday, July 26, 2007

Yet another day of basic training for Amigo. The days are becoming far too hot and humid to ride until the relative cool of the evening when, unfortunately, the light is far too low to capture anything decent on video or stills. In the last update, I mentioned trying some other options for Amigo's bit. We tried the sidepull, Amigo let us know right away that he was not a sidepull kind of guy. I was getting ready to hand Ted the copper snaffle we had been using when I spied the full cheek snaffle hanging nearby. I thought it was at least worth a try. So Ted fitted him out with the full cheek. Talk about a horse letting you know when you've found something he likes! He immediately relaxed and became soft in Ted's hands. They had a great ride!  This week's goals include riding in the yard, moving out to the large arena, possibly a trip to the roping arena down the way and a trail ride, along with all the daily work that goes into making a horse!

Before the ride - trailer and trim

Before riding on Saturday, Amigo had yet another trailer loading lesson, although I have to admit these are really more of a game than anything else at this point!  See the video below for what I mean.  Then he got yet another touch-up trim. His feet are good, hard mustang feet, but with the more domesticated living conditions he is in now, they need attention just like any other horse. You can tell he just hates his trims!






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