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Extreme Mustang Makeover 8/04/07

A visit to the chiropractor

Early Saturday morning it was time to load Amigo up for his first real venture away form the Rocking N and to the chiropractor. We loaded up about 7:30 AM and headed to the office of Dr. Justin  Campbell in Morris, Oklahoma, a wonderful chiropractor for horses and humans alike. A brief consultation and conference and then he got started examining the client.


Amigo got adjusted in several areas. We had a feeling that there would be needs to be addressed based on several factors. He had a hard time backing up straight and always wanted to tilt his head to the left when he did. He was not as soft breaking at the poll as we felt he should have been, and he acted sore going to the left at times, had a hard time picking up that lead. It turned out that he was out at the atlas and the axis, had two cervical vertebrae out, his withers were very sore and his left hip needed adjustment. After each manipulation he sighed and visibly relaxed. Doc said to give him two days off then go back to riding slowly over the next few sessions and by midweek, he should good to go. He'll be going back to see Dr. Campbell again before this is all over.



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