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Extreme Mustang Makeover 9/17/07

Preparing for Ft Worth

This last week has been spent working on all the boring basics. Lots of in-hand work, and more riding. Amigo is pretty solid on the ground work portions, and his coat is soft, shiny and ready to go. I've been spending time agonizing over what to do with that mane though! Lots of conditioner this week, and someone lined up with a VERY generous offer to assist us in Ft Worth, maybe we can tame it into something! And another addition to the growing list of sponsors/contributors. Notice the new custom breast plate Amigo is sporting. Handmade and Generously donated by the Rockin' N Saddle Maker, Phillip Noland. It's a beautiful piece of artwork, and almost too nice to actually use.  Notice I said, "almost!" He'll certainly be wearing it in Ft Worth.

Amigo's new breast plate.

A little fast, there! Let's slow 'er down some....

Ted and Amigo will spend a few more days ironing out the wrinkles before we leave bright and early Thursday morning. We hope to be in Ft Worth around noon on Thursday.  Thank you, all, for the support and encouragement you have been to us!

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