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Extreme Mustang Makeover 8/30/07

A visit from the dentist

We thought a good floating was probably in order for Amigo, so he got a visit from Dr. Jennifer Adolph. She has been our vet for more than 10 years, and is the best in Green Country, in our opinion. She came bright and early Thursday morning and got right to work. Amigo never flinched for the shot of anesthesia, and was soon drifting off into a good place. The drill came out and Dr. Jen got to work. There were a few sharp points, but nothing too bad. He didn't have any wolf teeth erupting yet, which Ted had suspected was the aces, but surprised the doctor a little.

How old is he, in your opinion?

We've never been completely sure just how old Amigo is. The BLM said he was between three and four, and because of his size, we always assumed it was closer to four or more. After floating his teeth, Dr. Adolph took a good close look, and in her professional opinion, he's not yet three and a half. Meaning that this boy has a lot more growing and maturing to do!

Amigo got the rest of the day off to rest and recuperate from the after effects of the dentistry and anesthesia. He'll be back to work Friday night and through the weekend. Hopefully with lots more experience under his girth!

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