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Extreme Mustang Makeover 8/03/07

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Amigo got a little free time in the arena to just run and kick up his heels this evening. Then Ted worked on joining up  in the large arena. Amigo joined up and worked on a circle, with the other horses there, and many, many distractions, then they worked on the invisible lead.  A very rewarding session.


After a little free work in the arena, it was time to saddle up for a short ride.  We are working in 93 degree, high humidity heat even after 7:00 or 8:00 in the evenings. And our boys wanted us to go to a fireworks display with them, so we were on an even more compressed time frame than usual. Tonight was the first time with the new Skito pad from Our wonderful sponsor Skito! You can see the difference it has made in the saddle fit, and you can certainly feel it when you ride him! Ted mounted up and rode for a few minutes. He moved freely and easily with the new fit. Then it was my turn to ride the big red horse. I have been waiting for this! I am still a timid rider and not very balanced. I need a horse that will give me the confidence to know that I can ride him and that he will take care of me. I have found that in the mare that I ride now, Stormy, and there are others that I ride, but I still need that feeling of security.  Let me tell you, Amigo has it.





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